What is Ezy Laser IPL Epilator?

Ezy Laser IPL Epilator is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes such as hair removal treatment

What to do before start the treatment?

First thing you need to do is to check your skintone, this step will help you find the suitable power setting to use in you treatment later

Next, you need to check your hair colour. Doing the treatment with the unrecommended hair colour wouldn't be effective at all. So you need to check the hair colour before treatment

How to Use Ezy Laser IPL Epilator?

To achieve the best result when using Ezy Laser IPL Epilator treatment, there are a few step that needs to be followed, here are the treatment instruction

  1. Step 1

    Get Started by shaving the body area before treatment

  2. Step 2

    Plugin the power cord adapter into Ezy Laser device

  3. Step 3

    Select the correct power setting base on your skintone

  1. Step 4

    Place the sensor on skin with 90° angle, wait for the ready flash light before releasing the light

  2. Step 5

    Slowly slide the Ezy Laser across the treatment area. Avoid flashing the same spot twice

  1. Face
    Treatment Guide

  2. Underarm
    Treatment Guide

  3. Bikini Line
    Treatment Guide

  4. Leg
    Treatment Guide

Ezy Laser Treatment

Ezy Laser have estimated treatment time that you can follow to help you achieve the best result for your skin

Facial Treatment

For face area, estimated Ezy Laser treatment time will be around 1 minute

Underarm Treatment

For underarm area, estimated Ezy Laser treatment time will be around 1 minute

Bikini Line Treatment

For bikini line area, estimated Ezy Laser treatment time will be around 2 minute

Legs Treatment

For legs area, estimated Ezy Laser treatment time will be around 15 minute

Home use IPL is safe to use :

  • Already used by more than 7000 women
  • Result of over 15 years of research*
  • Developed by expert scientists and dermatologists*

Ezy Laser IPL Epilator Featured

  • Ezy Laser IPL Epilator have a long life with up to 200.000 flashes or 12 years of usage*

  • UV ( Ultra Violet ) Free, Make Ezy Laser safe for personal home use

  • Ezy Laser help your skin rejuvenation process

  • Suitable for face and body treatment

  • Ezy Laser have feature to help removing freckles and acnes from skin

  • 90% Clinically proven effectiveness after treatment

What's in the Box?

  1. 1 Pcs Ezy Laser
    IPL Device
  2. 1 Pcs Ezy Laser
    Travel Pouch
  3. 1 Pcs Ezy Laser
  4. 1 Pcs Ezy Laser Sparepart Warranty Card,
    1 Pcs Ezy Laser Quick Start Guide, and
    1 Pcs Ezy Laser User Manual